Fire Dayton Moore

Fire Dayton Moore
It's time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MLB couldn't market itself out of a wet paper bag

Like most folks these days, I have a facebook account (you can like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter, by the way!). On said account, I follow's official page.

On an almost daily basis, some web editor who loves the game but doesn't apparently know much about it posts a throw-away topic or question for fans to respond to.

This was today's:

I bet you'd never know is headquartered in New York City, would you? I mean, what Royals player is more topical these days than Alex Gordon?

Wait, that's not Alex Gordon? Well, neat! They must already have a shot of James Shields in a KC hat!

Shields isn't the one pictured bottom-right? Let's see...Luuuuuke Hooochevaaaar maaaayyyybeeee?

Nope. None other than Hiram Kyle Davies. You know, the only pitcher worse than Luke Hochevar that Dayton Moore has acquired.

The one who didn't pitch affiliated ball in 2012? Yep! That's the one! Keep up the great work of warding off American youths who might actually care about your game,

Fire Dayton Moore

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