Fire Dayton Moore

Fire Dayton Moore
It's time.

Monday, January 28, 2013

It's who you know

As if Ruben Amaro Jr. hadn't put Phillies fans through enough this offseason — trading for Michael Young and signing Delmon Young — today he signed Yuniesky Betancourt to a minor league contract.

It just goes to show, sometimes, it's all about who you know. Betancourt has played eight seasons and has compiled a career WAR of 2.5. But Betancourt has had the benefit of his career coinciding with Dayton Moore and Amaro Jr.'s tenures as GMs.

As a result, Moore rescued him from Seattle, where he had worn out his welcome. Then no sooner than Moore finally rid the Royals of Betancourt in the Zack Greinke trade, Moore snatched him back up before last season for a cool $2 million.

But apparently not even Betancourt's negative WAR in 2012 was enough to mercifully put his career to rest. The only explanation is Amaro Jr. must not think Philadelphia fans are grumpy enough as is. No word yet on whether or not Betancourt's contract will include any clauses regarding his weight.

Can you imagine a three-headed monster of Moore, Amaro Jr. and Kevin Towers running a single organization?

I can and I envision it looking a little something like this: 1B Ryan Howard, 2B Yuniesky Betancourt, 3B Michael Young, SS Cliff Pennington, LF Delmon Young, CF Cody Ross, RF Jeff Francoeur, SP James Shields, SP Jeremy Guthrie, SP Ervin Santana, SP Luke Hochevar, SP Kyle Kendrick, CL Heath Bell. To their credit, this team would have a stud catcher whether it's Salvador Perez, Carlos Ruiz or Miguel Montero.

Fire Dayton Moore

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