Fire Dayton Moore

Fire Dayton Moore
It's time.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It's time to take action. has officially started a petition urging Royals owner David Glass to fire Dayton Moore.

Here's what the petition states:

General manager Dayton Moore and his staff have had seven-plus years to build the Royals into contenders, and despite improved resources and too much patience from fans, they have failed. With a disregard for advanced metrics and inability to develop Major League talent, Moore and his staff have not even produced modest results in a time frame where many other organizations have successfully rebuilt themselves into perennial contenders.

It's time for a change, Mr. Glass. Dayton Moore needs to be replaced. Seven years of "The Process" is enough.

We've seen the power of the Save Our Chiefs movement just a few months ago, which united frustrated fans to make a statement that eventually helped lead to the firing of general manager Scott Pioli.

Voices can't be heard if we stay silent. Sign the petition above, and let Royals owner David Glass know that "The Process" has run its course.

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